Lesley O’Donnell

Over more than a decade working on projects that often called for rapid transformational change, one thing was clear to me.

People have far more to offer than you, and often even they know, and given what they need they will always inspire you by what they can offer and become.

Unlocking human potential returns a tremendous reward for businesses and their people. When you really connect with your people, listen to them, learn from them, and give them what they need to shine, they return the favour by turning out results and ideas that often surpass all expectations.

My vision for the future is to focus on empowering businesses to have thriving people at their core, creating better outcomes and growing and evolving their businesses more effortlessly in the process.


Lesley was able to hear beyond the words I was saying and reflected back a version of those words that cut through my mind’s chatter. She reflected back what I knew but couldn’t yet see for myself, and that clarity gave me the freedom and power I needed to take my next steps in building my business. 

Meg, Founder 


Ideas are often described as cheap, they are not. Lesley has an abundance of ideas AND has the ability to pick the right ones with the right potential and return. Lesley didn’t just make things happen in her time here, but she helped leave a legacy of put simply: “how to do the right things in the right way.”

Thank-you, it was great learning with you.

Richard, Managing Director


Lesley is a force to be reckoned with. She is a people-focused change agent who delivers excellent results. Lesley’s unique skill is working out what any change means to the person/team and then taking them through “what’s in it for them”. She sees potential in people and encourages it. She is collaborative and does not let organisational boundaries stop her. I would not hesitate to work with Lesley again

Andrea, Tribe Lead


Lesley was one of my Project Managers on the Education & Training work stream in TAFE NSW’s modernisation portfolio. She guided the establishment of the future-mode course product design framework, and handed over to the delivery project well positioned for its next phase. I have enjoyed working with Lesley and, in my experience, her strengths lie in the empathy and nurturing/supportive nature she brings as a project leader and a team member.

Ron, Program Director


Lesley is a proven problem solver. Lesley was contracted to assist our company get organised in terms of our internal processes and our client engagement. Lesley is able to quickly size up the process challenge and provide constructive guidance to enhance and change the way we do things before handing back to our operational team. Our client engagement processes are now on a solid base from which we can continue to build as our company grows.

Ian, CFO